Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We've waited too long for this - the official MB&B Eating Challenge blog. We're about 10 or so challenges in, so I'll slowly post the results and photos from those. I'll also post lookaheads to future competitions.

In that vein, July's eating competition will be Tour de Rice. We will all get 10 cups pounds (cups would be too easy) of rice we may prepare however we like, and the first to eat it all wins. There will also be daily and hourly competitions.

Looking farther ahead, we have chocolate pies, dog racing, wasabi, another buffet...


  1. Some clarification may be necessary on dog racing-- we will not be eating or racing actual dogs.

  2. We need to post the past winners, and then on the trophy we can just write a link the blog. We should keep my name on it, though.