Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Percent Body Weight Gained at Sitar

After a several-month hiatus, the next challenge took place on February 17, 2009. We didn't want to do the same style of eating competition each time, so for our third event we changed up the rules.  We had lab lunch at Sitar, an Indian restaurant with a good lunch buffet.  We weighed in at lab before and after, and whoever gained the highest percent of their body weight won it all.

Final results:
Ian 3.1378%
Dan 2.8090%
Vipender 2.6367%
Thanh 2.3483%
Jared 2.2857%
Dave 2.1972%
Phil 2.0579%
Katie 1.7452%

The extra significant figures are an intentional homage to the idiocy of Biggest Loser.  Sadly, they did not provide the margin of victory as Ian won handily.  Here he is celebrating:

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