Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sushi Palace

Rumors are there was some other eating challenge in July, but Dan will have to post on that.  The next one I remember was July 13, 2010, at Sushi Palace.  Simple rules again: whoever eats the most pieces of sushi wins.

Sushi Palace is capable of taking reservations, but sadly they can't hold reservations.  We waited for over an hour for a table, which cut into our sushi eating time.  Several competitors got off to a fast start though, with Jared slightly ahead early on.  For some reason Jon got a hold of the ordering, and refused to order all the white tuna that Rob wanted.  (Was he working for Jared?  We'll never know.)  Eventually Rob threatened to stab him in the neck if he did not order more white tuna.  Meanwhile Jared continued to mow down the sushi, and though Dan and Trexler put up good fights, he was tops with 57 pieces.

The standings as I remember them:

Jared 57
Dan 52 or so
Trexler and Rob around 50
Jon 45 or so
Dave 20-something and then started to eat beef teriyaki
Jeff 6 and a couple hours on the phone

I'll update the totals as people with better memories (or who feel slighted by my guesses about their total) chime in.

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