Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tour de Rice Begins!

Our first multi-day event, Le Tour de Rice, began at 1 PM yesterday.  We all took our 10 pound bag of rice - the first one to eat it all is the winner.  We also have a points competition, with sprints taking place every day from 12:30 to 1 PM.

The leader in the points competition wears the green jersey of course.  We award 10 points for 1st in a sprint, 7 points for 2nd, and from 5 points down to 1 point for 3rd to 7th.  Garrett won today's sprint to earn 10 points and the first green jersey.

Dan won stage 1 and the overall lead, with 7 lbs, 6 1/4 oz left to eat.  He is proudly sporting the yellow jersey.

An impressive start - on pace to finish in about four days.  He is followed closely by T-Rex, with 7 lbs, 9 7/8 oz left.  Here is the full spread of competitiors:

We'll see tomorrow if Dan can defend the yellow jersey.

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