Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tour de Rice Stage 2

Stage two brought some questions - could Dan hold onto his lead without having an extra meal (he waiting to eat lunch until after the start of competition on Monday)?  Would the competitors stay on course when faced with temptation?  Will we ever want to eat rice again?

Since I was already out of competition for yellow, I decided to go for a sprint win.  I had a small breakfast (and no rice), but I still knew I was a big underdog.  So I went on the offensive, baking fresh cinnamon rolls (not Lynnette's recipe unfortunately, but are there any bad cinnamon rolls?).

Amazingly, no one bit; no one even appeared to waver.  I at least expected Dan to try to add some frosting to his rice.  I dropped out of the sprint very early (does Cavendish race for 5th?)

In the end, the results were nearly the same as Stage 1.  Dan's pace slowed, but he was good enough to win the stage with another 2 lbs eaten, bringing him to 5 lbs 8 oz left.  Garrett won the sprint (with Dan second), opening up a 4 point lead in the green jersey competition.

The finish could be sometime on Friday (the same day as Strobel lab group meeting and free sandwiches).

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